Coding courses for curious minds
Learn how to make your own Minecraft mods and Roblox games with Code Kingdoms.
For ages 8-14.
How it works
Our easy to follow videos teach you how to code step by step
Drag and drop your code to create your own projects
Play your projects and share them with friends
What's included
Course Library
Learn to code with our teacher designed courses, updated every month. Keep track of your progress with weekly updates.
Code Editor
Start simple with our beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor, then progress to text code. Learn real programming languages.
Online support
Get help when you need it 7 days a week. Fast, live responses from the Code Kingdoms team
What parents are saying
Learning to code is important, especially for kids
Get the crucial skill of the 21st century under your belt early
Advanced coding tech for kids
With the Code Kingdoms Code Editor, kids use real Java and Lua code to create their own games and projects in Minecraft and Roblox. Switch at any time between drag-and-drop blocks and text code (like the pros!). Our video course library will show you the ropes, and our Code Editor can track your progress through the courses.
Get help when you need it
Worried about getting stuck? We're on hand 7 days a week to help with everything from coding questions to account issues. Get in touch with us at any time and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible - we promise we can help with any question you might have!
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Minecraft Coding
$ 89 99
Billed every year. 30-day refund policy once you start coding.
Minecraft Coding
$ 189 99
One time payment. 30-day refund policy once you start coding.
Learn Coding at Home
We've made it easy to learn coding at home whether for homeschooling or just for fun
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Code Kingdoms is compatible with Minecraft Java Edition
Java Edition (Windows/Mac)
Bedrock Edition (Tablets/Consoles)
The code editor works in any modern web browser. You'll need a copy of Minecraft Java edition to be able to test your code. You can get Minecraft Java Edition on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer from here.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are your courses taught?
We teach the Java and Lua programming languages through video tutorials showing young people how to program mods for Minecraft and games for Roblox.

All videos are interactive, working alongside our custom web-based code editor. This is our internationally recognised tool for getting kids to make the jump from drag-and-drop coding to typing text code.

There are no live instructors or set class times, allowing children to learn at their own schedule and pace.

The main Code Kingdom's team are based in central London but our products can be used anywhere in the world, with our support team spanning several time zones. We are currently used in over 80 countries.

We have over 120 hours of content across our Minecraft and Roblox course offerings, covering a wide range of coding concepts and difficulty levels.
Do I need to purchase anything else with Code Kingdoms?
This depends on whether you purchase our Minecraft or Roblox packages.

You will need Minecraft Java edition to test the mods you code with Code Kingdoms. You can purchase Minecraft from their official website. We support the main Java version of Minecraft, available on PC & Mac.

Roblox and its coding tool, Roblox Studio are completely free to download. There are no hidden charges for using these products. Roblox offers a paid premium service, but you won't need this for learning to code.
Can my child get help with their coding?
Absolutely, we have a team of teachers and Computer Scientists on our customer support team, ready to help if your child has any questions or requires assistance. To get in touch with the team, please use the chat button in the bottom right hand corner or email
Do you provide us with a free Minecraft server?
Yes! If you purchase any of our Minecraft plans, we provide you with a free server and we pay for the third party hosting. There are no additional charges to pay (but you will need to purchase Minecraft separately).
Can I use this on an iPad, tablet, Kindle, phone?
I'm afraid Code Kingdoms isn't supported on an iPad/ mobile device. In fact you couldn't code Java or Lua via a touch interface, you'll need a keyboard in order to correctly learn programming.

Additionally Minecraft and Roblox require a Mac/ Windows computer in order to run their code.
How does your 30 day refund policy work?
We offer a 30 day refund policy for all our annual and lifetime plans, starting from the date you (or whoever you gift too) starts using Code Kingdoms. This gives you a chance to try out our product with a safety net given that these accounts cost a fair bit more upfront than our monthly plans.

I'm afraid we don't offer this policy on our monthly subscriptions.
What is the difference between a family and individual plan?
A Family plan costs 50% more than an Individual plan, and includes 5 users instead of 1, perfect for households with more than one young coder. Each user has their own unique login and coding progression. Additionally for our Minecraft product each user is provided with their own private Minecraft server.

You are welcome to gift spare account slots to friends outside of your household.
How does the bundle pricing work?
Getting our Roblox and Minecraft courses together in a bundle costs 50% more than getting one on its own, for any plan. You essentially are receiving a discount for purchasing access to both products. You can upgrade at any time to our bundle package.
Can I use Code Kingdoms across multiple households & devices?
Yes! We don't limit you based on household or device, so you can login from anywhere and as often as you like. If you have a family plan you can use these across multiple familes. You are more than welcome to send your spare slots as gifts.
Can I upgrade my account at a later date?
Yes you can. To do this you'll need to login as your billing user and then visit the upgrade section on your account page. This works for any purchase.

If you are upgrading from a single account type (Minecraft or Roblox) to our bundle and have purchased an annual subscription or lifetime membership, your previous purchase will be discounted from the upgrade price.

Monthly subscriptions won't be discounted against any upgrade. So if you're thinking about signing up for one month before deciding on an annual or lifetime plan, you may want to consider our 30-day refund policy which comes with this option.
How can I purchase Code Kingdoms as a gift?
Sending a gift is a process you complete after you've completed your purchase.

We recommend using your own email address in the payment form for this reason. You'll have options to send a gift link to another email address or download a printable PDF you can send as a physical gift with an unique redeem code. The person who receives the gift then sets up their own account login.
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