Mod your own Minecraft Server

Why play somebody else’s Minecraft server when you can code your own?
1 week free trial. For coders aged 8+

How do I code with Code Kingdoms?
Just three simple steps that take your coding to the next level
Pick a course and follow the step-by-step video tutorials
Open the CK Code Editor
to write your own Java
Run your mods on your own server and invite friends
See our mods in action
Live modding session
with Youtuber JeromeASF

What do you get with an account?

Everything you need to build mods & learn to code

Code Editor

Specially designed for ages 8+ learning to code
Learn real Java code - go from drag-and-drop to text
Runs in your web browser, nothing to install

Minecraft Server

Can hold up to 16 players (more than Realms!)
Always accessible, connect at any time
Upload and download your own maps. 24/7 backups provided

Course Library

Learn how to build mods and server games - 40+ hours of content
Updated regularly with new courses and blog posts
Designed by teachers and mapped to the computing curriculum

All with fast 7 day support from teachers and computer scientists

Check out some of the courses we offer
Each course teaches you how to design and code your own mod around a specific theme or activity
Lucky Blocks
The Hungry Games
Spartan School
Rise of the Werebunnies
Blockbeard and the Treasure of Doom
Minute Mods